Aeolus 3D printed Mouthpiece with hand refacing 


The material used for printing is biodegradable PLA, also known as polylactic material, or polyactide is obtained from renewable and natural raw materials such as corn. The starch (glucose) is extracted from the plants and converted into dextrose by the addition of enzymes. At Aeolus mouthpiece , we are making use of a special certified engineering PLA made from corn starch.

Hand Refacing and finishing 
We spend a lot of time finishing the part, we make sure the table is even and crates a good seal with the reed. 

We develope a new standard for mouthpiece by changing the density of material. The infill density defines the amount of material used on the inside of the print. A higher infill density means that there is more material on the inside of your print, leading to a higher resistant on the mouthpiece. 

Medium Hard : Fit well with reed size 2.5 or 3 
Hard : Fit well with reed size 2.0 or 3

Aeolus 3D Printed Alto Saxophone Mouthpiece

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