This parallel fixed especially design for saxophone and clarinet players to increase reeds vibration as freely as possible, suitable for all level of saxophonist and clarinettist.

It allows player to produce more accuracy of pitch in playing and quick articulations changes as well as balanced intonation.


The structure eliminates the lateral pressure to the reeds, evenly distribute onto the reed without damping the natural vibration of reed to play in all register.  Impeccable flexibility and centre stable helps player to produce more powerful and concentrated rounded sound.


Made in Taiwan, unbeatable price and unprecedented quality of ligature. Perfect for all Jazz and Classical player.

Air Music Honeycomb Gold Plated Ligature for Sax and Clarinet

  • Features:


    • Provides extend penetrable power of the sound and more stability to support the reeds.
    • Helps player produce more concentrated warm sound and balance tonal in all register.
    • High resonance coefficient material provides a more colourful and versatile sound while playing.