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Antigua Soprano Sax – 3286 Model

Pro Bore | Dual Neck | High F# | Amazing Value!


Antigua has built a great reputation of offering top quality instruments at a students price range. The Antigua Soprano Sax models represent one of the best offerings coming on the market! Based out of San Antonio, Texas, they have specialized in offering these types of values to everyone. The Antigua soprano sax is made in Taiwan and based around the design of the Yanagisawa S9xx series soprano saxes. They offer exceptional intonation and quick, easy response. We have been carrying Antigua since they first began (we were their 1st dealer!) and these saxes have yet to disappoint!

The Antigua soprano sax has been available in 3 model configurations since their inception in the early 2000’s. These models were all derived from a copy of the Yanagisawa S991 (dual neck, high G). The 3286 model was the identical design but simply made without the high G key, instead opting for a dual neck, high F# setup. This 3286 setup gave what we felt was the perfect blend of value and performance for the consumer.

Antigua Soprano Saxophone – 3286 – Dual Neck

  • Key Bb
    Construction Fully ribbed
    Range Low Bb to High F#
    Neck Material Yellow Brass 
    Body Material Yellow Brass
    Pads & Resonators PISONI pads & metal resonators
    Bell Decoration Hand engraved
    Mouthpiece 4C
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