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Leather Pad (for A- and B-Type)


The leather pad is made with fine craftsmanship: Cow leather for the outer side and low-allergy synthetic leather for the inner side. ‘Standard’ and ‘Slim’ pads are available. The ‘Standard’ pad is designed to ease pressure on your neck.


Braid Clinch


Our original nut to clinch the braid. With an associated wrench, you can easily disassemble the strap and replace its parts. The braid clinch is DCTV-treated* to improve your sound.


V-shaped Adjustment Plate


Our original V-shaped adjustment plate is machined from aluminum and eases pressure on your throat. ‘Wide’, ‘Standard’, and ‘Plastic (wide)’ adjustment plates are available. ‘Wide’ and ‘Standard’ are DCTV-treated*.


Metal Hook


A nickel-plated metal hook which is DCTV-treated*. A plastic tube is used to protect the hook from wearing.



A combination of cryogenic (-196 degree centigrade) and vibration treatment that improves your sound by increasing the vibration efficiency of the metal instruments and its parts.

B. Air Strap ( Metal )

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