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Quality, durable, soft & comfortable

Protects the mouthpiece from damage by teeth Helps reduce vibrations through the teeth Doesn’t leave glue on the mouthpiece Always clean your mouthpiece before use.




Helps In Giving The Best Possible Care For Your Instrument

Prevents Damage To Mouthpiece From Teeth

Mouthpiece Patch Is Carefully Designed And Tested

BG Mouthpiece Patches . Offers excellent protection and comfort. Easily transfer from one piece to another without leaving glue residue.

The perfect cushion.


BG Mouthpiece Patches keep mouthpieces from wearing, offer protection, and a more comfortable feel. They're also easier on the teeth. Savers are waterproof to stay on. They easily transfer from one piece to another without leaving glue residue. Package of 6.



Instrument:Clarinet in B♭,Bass Clarinet,Alto Saxophone,Tenor Saxophone,Baritone Saxophone


BG mouthpiece patches. Large size. 0.4mm thick. Pack of 6. Clear.

These mouthpiece patches are a small sheet of 0.4mm thick black rubber materialwith one self-adhesive surface.

Mouthpiece patches contribute to playing comfort by isolating the teeth from vibrations and providing stability of embouchure placement. All the while protecting your valuable mouthpiece from wear and scratch marks.

BG Clear Mouthpiece Patches 0.4MM (A11S / A11L)

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