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A semi-professional clarinet with a true professional feel, the Royal Global Classical Limited Bb and A clarinet stands out as the best value in its class.


Royal Global products are fabricated from carefully selected materials that allow for a rich variety of timbres and tone colors. Through newly patented technology, Royal products offer exceptional tonal quality with enhanced resonance and depth.


Royal Global has been hailed as a significant milestone in clarinet technology, the embodiment of beautiful craftsmanship combined with deep understanding of the acoustics and subtleties of clarinet. It is only natural that Royal products have gained a loyal following through the years. For anyone wishing to improve or revitalize his/her clarinet, Royal Global offers a perfect solution.


  • Key : Bb  /  A  

    Pitch : 440 or 442 Hz  

    Body : High Quality Aged Grenadilla  

    Bore : Poly-Cylindrical  

    Barrel: 65mm or 66mm  

    Keywork finish : Silver Plated 17 Keys  

    Springs : Blue steel  

    Pads :  Valentino 

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