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The Forestone Premium Ligature for Alto Saxophone is manufactured with a unique patented design to ensure the best possible sound. The Forestone Premium Ligature is FVCT treated to ensure best possible sound and response for the sound you love. Just the right combination of delicate structure and best craftsmanship.

The FVCT developed by Forestone achieves stress-free metal parts combining two types of process. The sound quality achieved by the players gets definitely improved. FVCT also helps to protect the instrument from corrosion. 

In order to make a difference between the usual Cryogenic process made by other manufacturers, we divide the process into two steps: Gas and liquid. Combining both cyrogenic baths we ensure the success of the process. Better sound and faster response is what the player would feel. 

Forestone Silver Plated Ligature (FVCT Treated)

RM450.00 Regular Price
RM400.00Sale Price
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