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The Macsax Prestige Series mouthpieces are designed around a concept we call Total Harmonic Balance.  This concept was born from the desire to improve the harmonic profile and content of classic mouthpieces to achieve a richer and more full sound.  Every saxophonist has played a mouthpiece that responded well and felt comfortable but just didn't have the sound they wanted. Having played countless vintage pieces that played great but lacked a certain set of harmonics in the sound Macsax's Eric Falcon set out to design a set of pieces where all the harmonics were not only present but fully balanced with each other. After several prototypes and adaptations, the traditional chamber and baffle geometries were abandoned. Starting with a clean sheet of paper and strong concept of the sound and feel the goal was reached and the first mouthpiece with Total Harmonic Balance was ready. Total Harmonic Balance allows the player to shape their tone in ways not possible before; to have increased dynamic range without sacrificing richness, to have a bigger bolder sound without unnecessary edge or buzz, and to shape their sound to be a vehicle for personal artistic expression. 

MACSAX D-Jazz Tenor Saxophone Mouthpiece #7*

    • Vintage sounds
    • Contemporary feel
    • Finest materials
    • Extensively handcrafted
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