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A top-quality professional level mouthpiece, the Selmer S80 Series for alto saxophone is popular the world over. Machined from hard rod rubber to assure stability, accuracy and consistent facings, these mouthpieces feature a square cross section in the chamber instead of the conventional arch. It is available in a variety of tips


One of the most universally recommended mouthpieces for advancing students, the Selmer S-80 is made of enubriated hard rubber and has a square cross-section chamber as opposed to typical rounded chambers. A hard rubber mouthpiece has many advantages over the inexpensive plastic ones generally provided with many instruments. Two most common advantages are the material is much denser and thus provides a more even tone throughout all registers, and it also lends itself to being machined more precisely and in turn offers a higher quality and better crafted mouthpiece.


Commonly used in more classical applications because of the smooth even tone, the Selmer S-80 focuses strongly on intonation and providing a centered sound throughout all registers. Availably in tip openings ranging from 1.15 to 1.55, each player can select a mouthpiece that fits their natural style of play, as well as their horn and preferred reed.

Selmer S80 Alto Saxophone Mouthpiece

    • Selmer S80 C* Tenor Sax Mouthpiece  C* – 1.55 mm Tip
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