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Silverstein Alta Ambipoly Jazz reed for alto saxophone, concert grade reed with round and warm sound, rich harmonics over full dynamic rang, perfect and clear altissimo, sounds like cane, absorbs 2~3% of moisture, it plays without wetting but gets better after 2 minutes of wetting, breaks in during the first 30 minutes like cane reeds, in this process, internal structure of the reed will realign to your mouthpiece and your embouchure (only for the first time of use), made with precision chemical engineering which provides strong consistency among all reeds, adjust this reeds with a reed knife or sandpaper, made with Food grade Eco-friendly material


    • The first water absorbing symphonic material
    • The first shape memorizing symphonic material
    • The first climate independent symphonic material
    • The first double injected polymer reed
  • Sound - Just like sound of cane reed with moisture, after pairing

    Consistency - 100% identical and consistent among reeds

    Reliability - No pitch change by temperature, moisture, altitude

    Adjustability - Customizable by reed knife or sandpaper

    Lifetime - More than 6 months (4 hours per day)

    Compatibility - Works with most of mouthpieces by mouthpiece paring

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