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The lightest MIDI sax.

This small MIDI controller can work with your smartphone and with your PC. It uses a standard saxophone mouthpiece and the position of the keys mimic a conventional saxophone as well as the pressure from your breath to determine volume. From now on you will be able to practice anytime anywhere without disturbing others, enabling you to improve your saxophone skills much faster.

Small & LightTravel Sax weights less than 300 gr and its size comparable to a small water bottle, makes it a great solution for any kind of musician who wants to practice on the go.

Use any mouthpiece!Its highly sensitive breath sensor allows you to have full control of the volume while using a regular alto mouthpiece.It also includes 3 adaptors that will enable you to use your soprano, tenor and baritone.

Play on the go!Download for free the Travel Sax App. Now available on Apple Store and Google Play!

I put quite a bit of study into the horn, that's true. In fact, the neighbours threatened to ask my mother to move once, you know...- Charlie Parker


Travel Saxophone