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A reverse tightening type ligature "Yanny Ligature" is now available from Yanagisawa. Although it has a simple structure, it is a ligature that can take advantage of the characteristics of the mouthpiece and reed, and is characterized by a straightforward and natural blowing feeling regardless of genre.
Glittering overtones that are typical of gold plates are also added, and you can feel the overall goodness of the sound. It's a versatile type, so I think it's convenient to have one.

Finishing: Gold Plating

Yanagisawa's new ligature "Yanny Ligature (nickname: Yanny Nico-chan)" is characterized by its design reminiscent of Yanagisawa's popular ligature "Magic Riga-chan" and a smiley smile.The reed is in contact with four small oval surfaces and holds firmly. It has a moderate resistance, a light and cheerful tone, and a warm and cohesive sound. In addition, it has a one-screw reverse tightening structure that makes it easy to grip the oar-like form. It is a ligature with excellent total balance, with attractive response.

Yanagisawa Yany Ligature

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