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2.4G Instrument Microphone
Mic diameter : φ6.0*2.7mm
Polar pattem : Omnidirectional
Sensitivity : -46dB±2dB
Frenquency range : 196Hz-12kHz
Standard Operating voltage : 2.0V-10V.DC
SNR : > 58dB
Output Impedance : ≤680Ω
Fit instrument : Violin, Mandolin, etc.

A: transmitter
Audio signal :16bit, 44.1Khz
Paired method : Automatic match
Frequency Response : 20-20KHz
Receiving mode : 2.4GHz, doubleway, frequency hopping technology
Power : Li-on battery 
Currency : 0dBm < 30mA
Distance :15m

B: Receiver:
Receiving mode : 2.4GHz,doubleway,frequency hopping technology
Paired method : Automatic match
Audio Output : mix output
Frequency Response : 20-20KHz
Power : Li-on battery or DC
Currency : 0dBm < 30mA
Distance :15m

2.4G Wireless String Instrument Microphone

    • 2.4G wireless transmission, automatic paired at different angle within 3 meters.
    • Stable signal without drop, transmission without delay makes voice fluently.
    • Easy to carry out, short charging time, long using time.
    • The range is wide, thick and vivid.
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