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When Wraplift is attached to the BREATHTAKING Strap Lithe, it improves the 3 main benefits of the strap: No stress to the neck, no stress to the chest, and the division of the weight of the instrument.

“It’s as if the strap is floating.”


Wraplift creates a space between the body and the strap and gives the player a feeling that the strap is floating from the body. You feel the weight of the instrument even less, breathing becomes easier, and the sound richer.

Breathtaking Wraplift

  • 1. Increased comfort during performance
    Wraplift is designed to lift the strap away from the body, resulting in more freedom around the neck and chest, and the breaths going into the instrument without any interruption.

    2. Keeping the strap in place
    Wraplift is reversible. Depending on what you wear, you can choose the material (leather or suede) to prevent the strap from slipping.

    3. Decreased feel of weight
    Its design also divides the weight of the instrument by lifting the strap.

    4. Soft and comfortable fit
    It wraps the triangle part of Saxophone Strap Lithe and protects the body with a soft cushion


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