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Vandoren Blue Jumbo Java Alto Sax MouthpieceThe Vandoren Blue Jumbo Java is back!

For years, players have been paying an exorbitant price for second-hand originals, or boutique “replicas”. Originally re-released as a limited edition item in 2021, Vandoren has decided to make them part of normal production! Players can now can get the real deal once again!Vandoren is producing the iconic mouthpiece in one facing – the A45 for alto sax. This has a 2.20mm / .086+” tip opening which would compare to most size 8 mouthpieces. However, with the with a small chamber and high baffle, the mouthpiece “feels” more like a 7 / 7* to most players. This makes it a very playable, hard hitting mouthpiece as it produces a powerful, aggressive sound that is perfectly suited to pop and rock music.Special Edition Blue A45 Jumbo Java Alto mouthpiece!

Recommended for use with Java or V16 reeds.

A45 - Particularly recommended for rock and fusion playing.



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